What Message of Wisdom Will You Share Today?

We learn some thing new. We discover new wisdom inside ourselves. But then what do we do? Well, we keep it bottled up inside. We cork it and move on.

But what if we popped that top off? What if we shared that wisdom? What if we used it? Maybe we impart a piece of knowledge to a child (“You know, there was a time I didn’t want to share my toys…”). Perhaps we sit with a parent and help them with a computer issue (“I remember getting frustrated with this thing, and I’m only 20! But I figured out an easy trick to getting your email. Let me help you…”). It can be anything. It can be in any way. Anything helpful we know. It doesn’t have to be crusty philosophy or something from an ancient scroll.

When we learn something new or have an insight, let’s not cap it and toss it out into the vast ocean of nothingness. It’s too easy to believe that we’re individuals on separate islands. So let’s open those bottles up. Let’s share what we know in a kind and gentle way.

Let’s help others who may be lost.

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