A collection of short, fun videos that give you a taste of the world’s wisdom.

Got Five Seconds? You Can Meditate.

If you're stressed and anxious during the day, you're not alone. Let this 90-second video show you how important (and easy) it is to make a difference in your life through mindfulness and meditation. If you have five seconds, you have what it takes to meditate...


Need to clear your head? Take a few minutes and consider these meditations that will fit right into your day.

Let Me Learn from a Cat

Dear Universe, Cats always seem like they want their space. Even in the midst of cuddling, it seems like they’re always planning an escape. If they feel crowded or annoyed with people, they just walk away and hide. I’m not really a cat person, but...

Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time, I was young. Once upon a time, I was older. Once upon a time…I didn’t care. Now? Well, now it’s starting to dawn on me that time’s a’ tickin’. Dear Universe, please give me the strength to embrace this mome...


Random thoughts from a regular guy.


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