A collection of short, fun videos that give you a taste of the world’s wisdom.

Got Five Seconds? You Can Meditate.

If you're stressed and anxious during the day, you're not alone. Let this 90-second video show you how important (and easy) it is to make a difference in your life through mindfulness and meditation. If you have five seconds, you have what it takes to meditate...


Need to clear your head? Take a few minutes and consider these meditations that will fit right into your day.

The Mess on My Desk

Dear gods of cleanliness, You see this mess on my desk. It’s a messy desk! Please intervene. After I go to sleep tonight, throw away at least 100 sticky notes that I’ll never get around to tossing. Start with the ones that remind me of doctors appo...

Dear Universe: May I Play?

I’m inside working. Outside, I hear people playing. In my next life, may I return as a person who gets to work in a playing capacity. Perhaps I test water balloons or do quality control for a video game company. If these are not part of my karma, then I&...


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