Meditation in School Provides a Sanctuary Away From Life’s Soundtrack

Did you have meditation in your school? Sorry…I’m speaking as if everyone reading this is my age. If you’re still in school, do you have meditation in your school? Well, in Brooklyn, New York a bunch of students have it now.

According to this article by Wendy Biddlecombe in Tricycle Magazine, students at Brooklyn College Academy are using an abandoned home-ec classroom to practice mindfulness meditation. Students are finding that it helps them deal with stress in a more positive way.

I remember in school, the only place I could find a moment’s peace was in the library — because nobody went in there. Okay, that’s not true, but it was the quietest place I could find. And it was still loud. Even now, I find that most places have music blasting or people talking on phones. It’s hard to get away from the traffic. The hustle and bustle. The noise. We live as if our lives require a soundtrack.

But it’s nice to see that that’s changing.

What do you think about meditation in schools? What do you think about providing a safe place for people to gather in quiet? Do you have a meditation regimen? Does it help you deal with your daily stress?

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