Meditation and Prayer Help Us Stay Healthy and Calm — No Beliefs Required!

So, in The Nobody Bible, I like to say that the great wisdom of the ages is available to us all right now, right where we are, with no beliefs required. And it seems the science on meditation and prayer also bears that out.

In an interesting article for NBC, Nicole Audrey¬†gives us some amazing insights on the power of prayer and meditation. Turns out, meditation is not just something for gurus to do in distant caves. It actually has a real effect on us — an effect that can mean positive things for our health and how we help others. It helps us self-soothe and calms us down so that we can deal with things like trauma or cravings.

Those of you who already meditate in some form through the day probably already know about its power. Some of you may also spend time praying to…whatever…and find that that helps you as well. No matter your approach, meditation is a gift that we can give ourselves no matter how we do it.

Take a look at that article. See what you think. And maybe…just maybe…it will lead to a new meditation routine that has ramifications well beyond the five-minute session you devote to it.

Let us know how it goes!

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