3 Things to Know Before (During and After) Writing Your Book

I had the privilege of recently appearing on The Author Inside You podcast to talk about writing The Nobody Bible (you can listen here on YouTube or here on iTunes 1/9/18 049 “Start Your Own Publishing Company”). Leah and Matt were gracious hosts, and the whole thing was just a pleasure! We talked about where the inspiration for […]

Eight Things You Can Do on Hanukkah to Improve Spiritually

Hanukkah 2017 starts up on Tuesday, December 12. At sundown. Will you be lighting a menorah? Eating jelly doughnuts? Frying up latkes? Maybe you won’t be doing any of this because you don’t celebrate Hanukkah. That’s okay, too! Everybody here in Nobody Nation has a holiday (or lack thereof!) that really gets ’em going. Personally, […]