If Nirvana Is a Tears for Fears Song…

Dear Lord of Karma, Today, the Tears for Fears song, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” came on the radio. The way I felt when I heard it…that feeling…that’s what I want nirvana to feel like if/when I get there. I know it’s thousands of lifetimes from now, but I just wanted to go on […]

The Mess on My Desk

Dear gods of cleanliness, You see this mess on my desk. It’s a messy desk! Please intervene. After I go to sleep tonight, throw away at least 100 sticky notes that I’ll never get around to tossing. Start with the ones that remind me of doctors appointments long past. Oh, and I think there’s a […]

Dear Universe: May I Play?

I’m inside working. Outside, I hear people playing. In my next life, may I return as a person who gets to work in a playing capacity. Perhaps I test water balloons or do quality control for a video game company. If these are not part of my karma, then I’ll settle for mattress tester. Yeah. […]

The Power of Prayer and Roadside Assistance

My neighbor’s car died this morning. I know, because I heard the tow truck pull up. That sucks. But it got me thinking about the power of prayer in our everyday lives–and its limits. Dear Universe, if I should ever find myself in that situation, please smile upon me and show me your grace. How? […]

Just a Quick Complaint

Dear Everything, Here’s the thing. It’s Saturday, and I really want to rest. But I have a lot of things to do. I’m not actually going to ask you for anything. I’m just mentioning this because I feel the need to complain. Please forgive me. Okay, I’m off to rest. Or work. Or whatever.

Just a Little Break…

Dear Universe, I vow to make tomorrow a better day – to really grab life by the horns and live out your destiny for me to the fullest. I know you have something special in store, and I can’t wait to participate. In the meantime, please let me enjoy a few more minutes on the […]