What Happened to January?!?

Dear Lords of the Calendar, What happened to January? I’m not ready for February yet. Why is time going so fast? I have things to do. Slow down! And if you have to go so fast, then let’s fast forward past the yucky stuff. Deal? Deal.

Dear Nature — You Pretty Much Do What You Want

Dear Nature: It rained last night. Today it’s partly cloudy. I love the way you do things in steps, and in your own time. If this trend continues, tomorrow I expect sunny skies. If you fail to live up to my expectations, however, I will not be disappointed because, hey…you’re nature. You can do what […]

Dear Universe…Give Me Food Powers

Dearest and most precious Universe: A thing happened today with my baby daughter and some pickles. It was messy. I’ll be honest, it didn’t smell that great, either. Please take back all my other prayers from this lifetime and simply give me the ability to know what foods don’t agree with her. Deal? Deal.

If Nirvana Is a Tears for Fears Song…

Dear Lord of Karma, Today, the Tears for Fears song, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” came on the radio. The way I felt when I heard it…that feeling…that’s what I want nirvana to feel like if/when I get there. I know it’s thousands of lifetimes from now, but I just wanted to go on […]

The Mess on My Desk

Dear gods of cleanliness, You see this mess on my desk. It’s a messy desk! Please intervene. After I go to sleep tonight, throw away at least 100 sticky notes that I’ll never get around to tossing. Start with the ones that remind me of doctors appointments long past. Oh, and I think there’s a […]