It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and once again, my team won’t be there. In fact, they’re considered one of the worst NFL teams in recent memory. That’s kinda sad, isn’t it? But I root for them. Season after season, year after year. Draft after draft, and loss after loss. I root. And when Super Bowl Sunday […]

What Happened to January?!?

Dear Lords of the Calendar, What happened to January? I’m not ready for February yet. Why is time going so fast? I have things to do. Slow down! And if you have to go so fast, then let’s fast forward past the yucky stuff. Deal? Deal.

Dear Nature — You Pretty Much Do What You Want

Dear Nature: It rained last night. Today it’s partly cloudy. I love the way you do things in steps, and in your own time. If this trend continues, tomorrow I expect sunny skies. If you fail to live up to my expectations, however, I will not be disappointed because, hey…you’re nature. You can do what […]

3 Things to Know Before (During and After) Writing Your Book

I had the privilege of recently appearing on The Author Inside You podcast to talk about writing The Nobody Bible (you can listen here on YouTube or here on iTunes 1/9/18 049 “Start Your Own Publishing Company”). Leah and Matt were gracious hosts, and the whole thing was just a pleasure! We talked about where the inspiration for […]