5 Ways to Reconnect with Peace (Inspired by Paramahamsa Hariharananda)

I came across a beautiful quote about peace today in my reading, and I wanted to share it with you. I’ve shared it on our Twitter and Facebook feeds, as well as in our Nobody Nation group on Facebook, but I thought it was worth a mention here at the Nobody’s View blog as well:

“We chant peace three times to have peace in our personal life, peace in the family, and peace in the whole world. Chanting peace three times also speaks of past, present, and future: ‘I had peace in the past, I am cultivating peace at present, I will have peace in future, because peace is my real nature.’ Chanting peace brings peace in your own life, peace everywhere. Those who are peaceful can achieve all-around success and full development. Do not forget your own peace.”
Paramahamsa Hariharananda, Mysticism of Religious Symbols–

Hariharanandaji ends that quote with a command: “Do not forget your own peace.” That is important because it reminds us that peace already exists within us. Did you hear that? I said, peace already exists within us. In essence, then, the chant returns us to a state we already possess. We’re not discovering something new or charting new territory. We’re simply tapping in to something innate within ourselves.

How do you rediscover your peace? Here are 5 ways I try:

  1. I sit and clear my mind. That’s it. I don’t always succeed, but hey…I try!
  2. I focus on breath. That’s right. I listen to the soft in-ness and out-ness of the basic life force. Period.
  3. I play with my kiddo. Getting involved in play or activities with people we love can foster an incredible sense of inner peace. Try it! (Yes, this includes watching loud kiddie shows you wouldn’t normally turn on. They’re strangely hypnotic.)
  4. I read great wisdom. I picked up Hariharanandaji’s book for a few minutes today and found a gem. What gems are hiding on your shelves?
  5. I just go outside and sit in it. Birds, planes, leaf blowers — it’s all there. It’s all here. Now. See?

Share your return to peace if the spirit moves you! Or, just sit in peace…

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