3 Things to Know Before (During and After) Writing Your Book

I had the privilege of recently appearing on The Author Inside You podcast to talk about writing The Nobody Bible (you can listen here on YouTube or here on iTunes 1/9/18 049 “Start Your Own Publishing Company”). Leah and Matt were gracious hosts, and the whole thing was just a pleasure! We talked about where the inspiration for The Nobody Bible came from,  and what it took to get it out there. On the heels of that Author Inside You interview, I wanted to share three quick writing tips with you. One to use before you write, one during the writing process, and one for after you’re done.

Are you ready? Here they are:

  1. Before writing, realize that you have a story to tell and that it is worth telling. Got that? The first step to writing your book (besides deciding to actually write it) is to get past the first and worst obstacle: “Who would want to read this?” Look, folks…it’s easy to think that because you’re not famous or don’t have an agent or publisher and thousands of social media fans hanging on your every word, that you shouldn’t be writing that work of dragon-laden fiction, that book on gardening, or your reiki-healer memoir. As yourself this question: “Did things happen to me in my life?” If the answer is “Yes,” open a Word doc or get a pad and pen, and start. Now. Seriously. Don’t read any further. Just write.
  2. While creating your masterwork, remember: writing is a process…it takes time! I was stuck on the concept for The Nobody Bible for a long time before I sat down to write it. It wasn’t The Nobody Bible, but just a series of random scribblings. Once inspiration struck, it only took me a few weeks to write. But then? Well, it took years of rewriting/editing/hand wringing/sweating/whatnot to get it out the door. YEARS! Once you’re in the creative process, remember that it’s a process. The book sat in my metaphorical drawer for years before I took it out again and finished the whole thing. Don’t give up! Keep your manuscript in your mind, even if you don’t actually work on it. Just keep it alive.
  3. After you publish your book, you’re just starting. I know you’re an introverted extrovert. I know you want to write your book, put it out there, and let it soar and sell. And yours may! But for the rest of us? It’s all about marketing. Spreading the word. Getting on social media and getting kinda uncomfortable. Talking to other writers. Giving things away. I learned something about this whole book thing along the way, and it’s this: No one will care about your work as much as you do. Be your own best advocate. Apply to get on podcasts. Check out local book sales. Talk to people! Not everyone will be interested in what you have to say, but remember point 1? You have a story to tell. Toss some books in your trunk and tell it.

Get out there. Have fun. If you have questions, feel free to contact us (at)nobodysview (on Facebook and Twitter), email us at info(at)nobodypress(dot)com, or join our Nobody Nation community on Facebook.

Have the dream, write it, and get it out there. It’s your story, after all.

(We’ll be talking more about writing in future posts! In the meantime, if you have something you want to know, reach out and maybe we can answer the question here!)

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